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MIREA - Russian Technological University
MIREA - Russian Technological University (RTU MIREA) is one of the leading state universities in Russia. It units more than 27 thousand students, 2500 teachers, and researchers. The University offers more than 500 the most popular educational programs, including information systems and technologies, software development, robotics, mechanical engineering, electronics and nano-electronics, biotechnology, chemical technology, cartography and geoinformatics, and others. RTU MIREA was awarded the UNESCO Medal "For Contribution to the Development of Nano-science and Nanotechnology" in 2017. The reward was granted for preparing students in the science field.
There are some specialized scientific laboratories in the university. These laboratories have no analogs in Russia: educational centers, student design bureaus, and academies of the world's leading IT companies: Cisco, Microsoft, EMC, VMware, Huawei, Samsung, and others. The university has 7 campuses with modern equipment, multi-service infrastructure, and high-speed Wi-Fi, 6 dormitories, and 3 sports complexes. There are tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, swimming pool, and a climbing wall in the university campus.
    Preparatory course
    Tuition fee 2100 $
    The Institute of International Education implements additional general education programs for students, who want to study engineering, and natural science in the Russian language.
    The programs are developed following all requirements of the Russian Federation to the content and quality of education for foreign students.
    The foreign students of the preparatory department who have mastered these educational programs and passed through the exams and tests successfully, receive certificates
    Bachelor's programs
    Computer Science, Computer Engineering $ 4 000
    Electronics, radio engineering, and communication systems $ 3 600
    Instrument engineering, optical & biotechnological systems & technologies $ 3 600
    Mechanical engineering, mechatronics, and robotics $ 3 600
    Chemistry, chemical technology, industrial ecology and biotechnology $ 3 600
    Technical systems management $ 3 600
    Nanotechnology, and nanomaterials $ 4 200
    Economics and management $ 3 200
    Jurisprudence $ 3 200
    Cartography and geoinformatics $ 3 250
    Master's programs
    Informatics and computer engineering $ 3,500
    Electronics, radio engineering, and communication systems $ 3,500
    Instrument engineering, optical, and biotechnical systems and technologies $ 3,500
    Mechanical engineering, mechatronics, and robotics $ 3,500
    Chemistry, chemical technology, industrial ecology, and biotechnology $ 3,500
    Management in technical systems $ 3,500
    Economics and management $ 3,200
    Jurisprudence $ 3,200
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