Southwest State University
Languages of studies: Russian, English
Southwest State University
Southwest State University was established in 1964 as Kursk Polytechnical Institute, in 1994 it became Kursk State Technical University, and then in 2010 for great achievements in science and education as well as in public activity it was renamed in Southwest State University according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Nowadays SWSU is a modern and rapidly developing complex which meets the requirements of a constantly changing world, leading centre of education and science in Kursk.
Preparatory Course
Tuition Fee: 1990 USD
Bachelor's Programs
Transport Process Technology 2300 USD
Electric Power Engineering and Electrotechnique 2300 USD
Design-Engineering Support of Machine-building Industries 2300 USD
Applied Mathematics and IT-technology 2300 USD
Bioengineering Systems & Technologies 2300 USD
Software Engineering 2300 USD
Information Systems and Technologies 2300 USD
Economics 1850 USD
Political Science 1850 USD
Public Management 1850 USD
Architecture 1850 USD
Chemistry 2150 USD
Chemical Technology 2150 USD
Mechatronics and Robotics
Law 1600 USD
Public Relations 1600 USD
Journalism 2000 USD
Tourism 1600 USD
Vocal Art 2000 USD
International Relations 2000 USD
Master's Programs
Electric Power Engineering and Electrotechnique
Transport Process Technology
Information Security 2950 USD
Finance and Credit 2100 USD
Economics 2100
Political Science 2100 USD
Management 2100 USD
Software Engineering 2950 USD
Bioengineering Systems and Technologies 2410 USD
Architecture 2320
Chemical Technology 2410 USD
Mechatronics and Robotics 2950 USD
Journalism 2100 USD
Hotel Business 2100 USD
Linguistics 2100
Vocal Art 3910 USD
Food Products of Plant Raw Materials Origin 2100 USD
Postgraduate Programs
Dynamics and Stability of Machines, Devices and Equipment
Physical Chemistry
Technology and Equipment for Mechanical and Physical and Technical Processing
Telecommunication Systems, Networks and Devices
Management in Social and Economic Systems
Technologies and Means of Farming Mechanization
History of Science and Technique
Economics and Management of National Economy
Russian Language
Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; International Private Law
Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Justice
Criminalistics and Expertise
Administrative Law, Financial Law, Informational Law
Economical Sociology and Demography
Sociology of Culture and Spiritual Life
Biomathematics and Bioinformatics
Automation and Management of Processing
Structural Mechanics
Philosophy of Science and Technique

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Admission procedure
Submit Application on-line
Admission manager will contact you to choose the best option at relevant university. You will receive Admission letter in 1-2 days.
Sign Agreement and pay Registration fee $250
Admission manager will send you Agreement and Invoice for 250 US Dollars (includes Invitation cost and courier charges to deliver it to you). You can pay Online, via Bank transfer or by Western Union. You must sign Agreement and send PDF copy to us.
Wait for Official Invitation
Invitation for study visa will be issued and send to you by courier. Issuing time: 40 days for Russian University, 10 days for Ukrainian university.
Apply for a Student Visa
Apply for a visa at nearest Russian/Ukrainian/Belarus Embassy. Legalize your Educational documents at Embassy. Pay Visa fee at Embassy.
Pay the fees.
After you get visa you have to pay: Admission fee $700, Airport pick up $100-200, Tuition fee and Hostel fee for 1 year (According to the Agreement).
Prepare your flight
EEUA representive will assist you to buy your ticket to Moscow / Kiev / Minsk. Yoou send us copy of your ticket in 5 days before arrival.
We will inform Border Police about your arrival and our representative will meet you in airport and transfer you to university.
Registration at University
and final payment
EEUA Local manager will register you at University and check you in at hostel (dormitory). EEUA Local manager will support you during all period of study.
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Why study at
Southwest State University
Education in English language in small VIP- classes
57 countries send their students in SWSU
Soft climate – the university is located on the south of the European part of Russia
Southwest State University
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Southwest State University
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