Thank you for your interest to ABC Fairs - online student recruitment fairs dedicated to foreign student recruitment from Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, Russia, India, Africa and other global regions.

We are glad that ABC Online Fairs have been recently added to our business assets. We consider this business as a fairs with a brand-new format, responding to the current needs of the society, international students, universities, colleges, language schools and other educators. All of them are our global stakeholders.

Features of the ABC Fairs' innovative model

For Educators:
► Simple
► Affordable
► Easy-to-use

For Students:
► Easy-to-join
► Immediate reaction
► Informative

For Society:
► Opening study abroad opportunities for students in developing countries
► Creating direct & easy communication between educators, students and parents (globally)
► Saving parents' money via stimulating direct enrollments and skipping additional agency costs
Our business alliance

World Education Council (USA) - the international centre for development of international education, certification of educational programs and recognition of the best practices in internationalization of education.

Eastern European Universities Association - the association of the universities from Eastern Europe and CIS countries, developing higher education & facilitating its internationalization.